Bespoke Heat Exchanger Design

Turnbull & Scott offers a bespoke design service for the most challenging heat exchanger projects with exacting requirements

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Turnbull & Scott engineers offer a bespoke design service for the most challenging industrial heat exchanger projects.

Certified AutoCAD drawings are provided to ensure there is complete understanding and confidence that the heat exchanger products meets your requirements and how will work within operation.

Our specialist engineering design team will discuss your project requirements and where required carry out a site visit to evaluate the operating environment and footprint. Then we’ll evaluate the different options and draw up a thermodynamic design, including heat-loss calculations, and with easy-to-follow CAD drawings.


Bespoke Designs

Commissioning a bespoke heat exchanger from Turnbull & Scott is highly cost-effective as it will be tailored exactly to your requirements, with precise thermal tolerances and minimum wastage using robust materials and manufacturing techniques honed over 70 years.

Our heat exchanger products are renowned for their reliability and long service life, minimising repair and maintenance costs, as well as downtime and disruption.

Some clients have used our products for decades, and have been able to gain many more years of service through refurbishment, as only high grade materials are utilised.

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