Heat Exchanger Design Services

A collaborative design process for challenging heat exchange projects

Trusted, Bespoke Heat Exchanger Designs

Commissioning a bespoke heat exchanger from Turnbull & Scott is highly cost-effective as it will be tailored exactly to your requirements, with precise thermal tolerances using robust materials and manufacturing techniques honed over 90 years.

Our heat exchanger products are renowned for their reliability and long service life, minimising repair and maintenance costs, as well as downtime and disruption.
We have clients who have used our products for decades and have been able to gain many more years of service through refurbishment, as only high grade materials are utilised.

The Design Process

Our specialist engineering design team will review and discuss your project requirements and where required, carry out a site visit to evaluate the operating environment and footprint. Then we’ll evaluate the different options and draw up a thermodynamic design.

Certified easy-to-follow AutoCAD drawings are provided to ensure there is complete understanding and confidence that the heat exchanger products meets your requirements and how they will work within your operation.

Proprietary Research-backed Design Software

Our in-house design software is at the core of our design process.

  • It handles a range of fluids that are industrially important, with a database that covers elementary fluids such as air, water, steam, water-glycol mixes. Additionally, mixtures such as various process flue gasses are handled, as are a range of thermal oils, both mineral and silicone based. Location and climate based variations are catered for accommodated with its built-in psychrometry package.
  • The prediction engine of our software is based on open-source as well as proprietary methods for the heat and mass transfer. There are multiple methods used for performance prediction and the most suitable methods are chosen to best reflect the application of the heat exchanger. The second layer of calculation also considers the possible performance envelope of the designed heat exchanger.
  • The stages after the heat and mass transfer elements advise on the PER/PED regulations for the design, and creates mechanical design calculations for the relevant BS/EN standards and some other design codes.

This presents a fast, flexible design environment for Turnbull & Scott to look at feasibility of heat exchanger applications from customer enquiries, all the way through to design sign-off.

A Steam to Air Heater Design

Single Bifrucated Inlet for Double Header Arrangement
Single Birfrucated Inlet for Double Header Top entrance side Feed
Single Bifrucated Inlet for Double Header 2
Single Bifrucated Inlet for Double Header Side Feed side entrance

Rendered 3D CAD images of  Steam to Air Heater for industrial drying application. Steam tube-side entering at top. Condensate exiting from bottom. Headers D-shaped arrangement -half tube and tube plate. Single Bi-frucated inlet options for high duty double header arrangement.