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Commercial & Industrial Heat offers a wide variety of options for discreet church heating

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Churches can be difficult places to heat effectively. Commercial & Industrial Heat can provide a number of possible church heating solutions.

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Where there is a hot water boiler system in place, Finned Tube Radiators can provide a stylish heating solution or for more discreet under pew heating, Gilled Tube is very effective.  Trench Heating and Baseboard are also alternative options.

Where the only power supply is electric, CFS Floor Level Convector Heaters are ideal as an under pew heater, with a quick heat up time they only need to be switched on when the pew is in use. As natural convectors, with no fan, they are noiseless in operation. Contact Turnbull & Scott for more information on church heating.


If under pew heating is not feasible CQIR Quartz Infra Red Heaters can be utilised. They heat the surfaces and persons they “illuminate” so can be selectively mounted and switched to only heat the required areas, with an instant response no pre heat period is required.

Smaller churches or those with higher insulation levels can be heated with CHDA Architectural Fan Forced Wall Heaters.

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