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Go Trench Style

Trench Heating is now universally found throughout buildings of all type including homes, offices, restaurants, shopping malls, galleries and museums providing discreet heating within entrance halls, reception areas, corridors, living and office spaces and conservatories.

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Subtle, it perfectly complements the modern minimalist interior design style and is ideal where space is at a premium. It is often the architect’s heating system of choice when seeking to utilise natural light in the most effective way and incorporating large areas of glazing in new developments, building extensions or refurbishments.

Discrete & Smart

It is set into the floor, within a trench, and the heat rises through an attractive aluminium or wooden grille that sits flush with the floor surface. The heat source, contained within the trench, can either be piped hot water or electric elements.

Primary or Secondary Heating Solutions

Trench heating can be used either as a highly effective primary heating system or as a secondary heating system to help increase overall heating system efficiency by counteracting downdraught and heating losses in highly glazed areas. The extensive Hitte Trench Heating range comprises 4 main product types:

  • Hitte Natural Convection: operates on the principal of natural convection without a fan
  • Hitte Fan-assisted Convection: rapid start-up, increased heating output
  • Hitte Fan-assisted Electric: ideal where a hot water supply is not readily available
  • Hitte Heating & Cooling: enjoy warm winters and cool summers within a single system

The Natural Convection Trench Heating and Fan Assisted Convection Trench Heating units and Heating and Cooling Trench systems all use piped hot water (LPHW) as the heat source. The heat outputs directly relate to the flow/return temperatures of that source whether a conventional hot water boiler, solar energy hot water system or ground source heat pump.  The Electric Trench uses 230V single phase electricity supply and the heat output relates to the length of each trench unit and the number of electric elements fitted.

Trench Heating Models for Wet or Humid Environments

In addition, the Hitte range offers especially adapted models for operation in wet or humid areas such as swimming pools, saunas and garden terracing.

Choose from an Extensive Standard Range or Opt for Bespoke Designs

The standard Hitte range offers a vast combination of unit depths, widths and lengths as well as many choices on grilles, trough materials and finishes. For seamless perimeter designs, it also offers mitred cornering and can produce bespoke curved units on request.

The team Commercial Industrial Heat can also work with you on bespoke Hitte designs to meet the most challenging of requirements.

Product Specification & Costing Tool

Architects, Engineering Consultants and Contractors often need to design and configure trench heating systems during the project planning phase. Later on, Contractors also need to look for alternatives to specified suppliers to ensure best value for the project. Commercial Industrial Heat has developed a Specification & Pricing Tool to assist  in selecting  the optimal configuration for your project.

With this tool you can input any parameters you have to work with to filter down the options as you go, and build your sections until you reach either a required length or required heat output for the area. Once you have completed this process and picked all you require it will give you a good clear estimate of cost. From there, you can download a specification document for an upcoming tender or later reference. If you have any questions or bespoke needs, simply call or  email our technical sales team to who can assist you in making your selections.

Buy on-line or Call to Order for 48 Hour UK Delivery

If the floor trench space has already been prepared and you’re ready to go, Commercial Industrial Heat holds a limited range of stock on-hand to ensure fast delivery. Either buy from stock on-line or call to discuss your requirements and place an order with our Technical sales team. If the products you require are in stock we’ll arrange for delivery within 48 hours.

Minimalist Style, Floor-Standing Perimeter Heating from Hitte

Where a floor trench is not feasible but a discreet and sleek low level perimeter heating is solution is sought, the modern, pure clean aesthetics of the Hitte Floor Standing Perimeter Heating system makes it ideal for residential, public and office spaces.

The Perimeter Heating systems operate by means of natural  convection and use piped hot water (LPHW) as the heat source. The heat outputs directly relate to the flow/return temperatures of that source whether a conventional hot water boiler, solar energy hot water system or ground source heat pump.

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